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UnRoyalty provides hand-crafted, royalty-free audio for all of your creative projects. Put an end to muted videos and lame soundtracks.

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What can UnRoyalty Do For Me?

Now you can use pro sounds and music that won't put you at legal risk.

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All of the music, sounds and vocals on UnRoyalty are 100% royalty-free and no need to credit. That means you can use them as you see fit, and not worry about licenses. You can use them in unlimited projects for yourself, or for your clients, without attribution.

  • Get exclusive music, intro stingers, sound effects and vocals that are 100% exclusive to UnRoyalty.com.
  • We offer both .wav and .mp3 files of each song to meet your needs. There are also .flac files and special audio formats for different purposes (app development, etc.). All you need to do is play it or add it to a video like any other music. Only this time, it's 100% legal and affordable.
  • Also get access to LEGAL "cc0" licensed tracks (public domain), from both famous and modern professional musicians. (we ONLY list verified cc0 licensed tracks under Canadian law, and for the tricky US scene, we have our own versions made by professional musicians). We are not lawyers, but are experts on international copyright law regarding sound recordings, musical compositions, etc. Therefore, we are your safest bet.
  • Save huge time by only browsing 100% high quality and pro sounds. Our exclusive sounds are always top quality, and when we use other sources, we go through 1000's of sounds for every 1 added into the membership.
  • Breathe easy that you do not have to follow any licensing restrictions, get a copyright infringement, or even give anyone credit if you don't want.
  • Use in commercial or non-commercial work without royalties.

Stop putting embarrassing music on your videos.

We will make you sound like a Hollywood Pro.

After joining, you will be immediately e-mailed a secure login and password to start downloading music, sound effects and more right away.

No additional software or downloads are necessary, our raw .wav and .mp3 files work for any purpose in any video editor, CD burner, USB stick or MP3 player.

What are your current options when adding modern and cool music to your YouTube videos?

You can use a popular song that will either get your royalties taken away entirely, mute your video, or have it outright deleted. Repeated offences can get you banned entirely.

You could also use a lame free soundtrack, or pay out the ear for a custom one.

To get the rights to an audio track or even a simple sound effect, there is a lot of legal tape. It's also expensive. You could pay from $5 to $500 for a single audio track from an artist that nobody has ever heard of. Seriously.

Not with UnRoyalty.com. The artisan, hand-crafted and modern music and sounds within our membership are also worth that kind of money PER track. However, you get access to it all. Every single track. Oh yeah - we are constantly adding brand new, on-trend professional music and audio to keep things fresh.


When you are a partner of UnRoyalty.com, you know you are getting the best. The BEST audio tracks for your let's play videos. For your logo intros, podcasts, presentations, background music and more.

This is the high-quality stuff you see on TV and in Hollywood. All of the audio from UnRoyalty is made from LICENSED and high-end "in-the-box" software, and out-of-box hardware. Our competition is still using free music makers and it shows on your videos.

We upload music weekly that is both modern (produced THIS year), and classic (in the public domain). Of course, UnRoyalty.com has exclusive audio and sounds that you cannot find anywhere else (because we produced it).

It blows our mind how many people spend hours creating the best video they can, only to ruin it with crappy audio. You know you have added music to a video before that just didn't sound right, but you did it anyways because there was no alternative.

We know how it is though - after all, we spend several hours every day sourcing out high quality artists to add to the site. Needless to say, most of the publicly available music is not 5 stars.

We only list 5 star audio!

Don't throw your hard work into the garbage. Don't downgrade your entire project due to poor music.

100% of the music, sound effects and vocals on UnRoyalty.com are 100% royalty-free and under a cc0 license.

That means you can do whatever you want with them without credit, or paid royalties.

Royalty-free doesn't mean free though, so you have to join the club.

Multiple Genres and BPM's

No matter what type of audio you are looking for, you will find it at UnRoyalty.

Meet The Lead Producer

Kyle Healey is the lead producer on Team UnRoyalty. With 12 years experience in digital music production and 25 years in music theory, Kyle knows how to make top quality film-ready audio.

Not only that, his extensive network of both local and world-class music producers and artists lets him tap into their talent at any given time. The result? More sick audio for you and your brand.

Kyle is an expert in staying out of hot copyright water, and owns one of the largest legal music collections in the world. That's why he founded UnRoyalty.com!

Now You Have Pro Music.

Unlike all of the other audio providers out there, we are an artisan, boutique brand that focuses on quality and value. Do you want to buy 500 corporate audio tunes from the 90's and try to sift through them? Didn't think so.

You can take refuge in the fact that all of our pro audio is done in-house in a high-end Ableton Live setup. We only purchase the very best plugins and software to create world-class audio from scratch.

Whether it's vocal shoutouts, background music, intro melodies, chord progressions or abstract sounds, you'll find it at UnRoyalty.

And mixing and mastering? You don't have to worry about it, because we've already done that in house.

ALL of our audio files are ready to drag and drop into the video editor (or audio editor) of your choice.


UnRoyalty is Fit for a King

And Queens, and all of these other purposes...

Why We Exist

There is a serious problem when it comes to buying or hiring audio for your creative projects. It's either obscenely expensive or super-low quality. There is a need for fresh audio that will compliment your already bad-ass skills.

Your membership is a monthly recurring subscription that gives you unbelievable access to the best royalty-free music and sounds in the world. You will receive a login after payment which will lead you to the private members area.

One solution is to use copyrighted music in your professional, amateur or commercial projects. Today's algorithms, however, will have your video flagged faster than you can say "Royalties". Your video will be muted, deleted, or making money for someone else for the eternity of it's life.

It's time to own your audio assets. UnRoyalty.com provides you unlimited access and licenses to the most modern music, sound effects and other audio goodness the world has to offer. You'll never have a video muted again, or be embarrassed with some super cheesy, stock audio song (ew).



Within 5 minutes, you'll receive your login via e-mail. Members login here.

E-mail [email protected] for pre-sales questions.

Bronze (1 user)
  • Full access to database of sounds.
  • Full access to bronze packs.
  • Download 3 sounds or packs per month.
  • Perfect for casual creators and other low frequency users.
  • $17/month automatically billed monthly.
  • Or save 20% quarterly.
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Gold (3 users)
  • Full access to all individual sounds.
  • Full access to all packs.
  • 25 downloads/month
  • Agencies, Digital Teams, Gamer Teams, SaaS companies
  • $97 first month, then $97/month automatically billed.
  • Exclusive packs not found on other levels.
  • Most bang for your buck out of any audio club!
Join the Club

No gold discounts currently.

Crystal (10 users)
  • Full Access to all sounds.
  • Full Access to all packs.
  • Perfect for TV & Film and Big Youtube Creators
  • Just over $1 per sound or song!
  • Access for up to 10 users (in one geographic location)
  • $297 first month, then $297/mo billed automatically.
  • **Limited Memberships Available: Maintains Exclusivity**


Your initial charge will be $17, $47 or $97, depending on which of the membership levels you choose. You can save 20% on any subscription by paying quarterly!

You will then be charged the same amount per month until you cancel. Cancelling is easy, and we don't ask questions.

Bad Audio Makes a Great Video.. Suck.

Let's be real for a moment here. You've spent time on your video, right? Maybe you bought a logo, spent money on equipment, and re-recorded until it was just right. Are you seriously just going to throw any old music on top and call it a day?

Audio is at least half the battle when it comes to video production. Don't even get me started on corporate or podcast intros that rehash the same "tech soundtrack" from 2001 CD's. Wow.

The fact of the matter is, UnRoyalty.com was bound to happen. It was demanded by various communities who are sick of the option of dodging copyrights vs. paying out the nose for royalties.

We say goodbye to royalties.

We say goodbye to copyright infringements.

And we say goodbye to muted audio by robot lawyers.

Welcome to the UnRoyalty family.

You Can't Go Wrong With Our Features...

So many big features packed into such a really small package

Isn't it about time you started to sound as good as you look?

Join today and get instant access to the membership downloads. Within 5 minutes, you can be adding exclusive, high-quality music and sounds to your creative projects.

Your membership gets you unlimited access to ALL our mp3s - music, sound effects and vocals.

Get off the fence, it's time to join Team UnRoyalty.

  • Never get a copyright notice again.
  • Show off professional music that makes you look 10x better.
  • Turn your projects from amateur to professional simply by adding our audio.
  • Save tons of money by not buying tracks 1 by 1...
  • Access to the highest quality royalty-free tracks in the world.
  • Brand new themed packs are added at least twice a month.
  • Stand out from the crowd, starting today.
  • Never be caught dead with an embarassing cheesy "free" tune again.
  • All you need is the video editor that came with your computer to add our mp3 files!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we'll happily refund your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is "royalty-free"?

Royalty free music in audio is media that you do not have to pay any additional royalties or licensing fees on. It also prevents anybody trying to sue you. Since we make all of the audio files from scratch in Ableton Live in-studio, you never have to worry about the source of your music and sounds.


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Do I have to pay for individual audio files?

No. Unlike other royalty-free music companies, we do not charge per file. You have 100% access at all times, as long as you are still a member.

What does my monthly membership get me?

Your membership at UnRoyalty gets you licenses and access to our full audio library, including past and future releases. Licenses are only good for current members of UnRoyalty.com.

After payment, you will be e-mailed a secure login to the membership area, where you can browse various sound packs for download.

Where do you get the audio?

We create our own sounds and music, or collect them from nature. We also sometimes outsource to amazing producers and musicians to give you even more variety in your membership.

How does the trial work?

The trial lasts for 7 days and costs $1. After the trial, your payment information will automatically be used to charge you for the first month, and so on thereafter. If you take the $1 trial option,  your billing will be monthly. You can also choose to be billed upfront for the whole year to save money.

Is my billing info safe?

Yes. UnRoyalty does NOT collect your billing information. We use Clickbank.com to authorize all payments including recurring subscriptions, and they have been the best in the business since 1998. They also handle any and all tax additions, if needed in your region.


ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.